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Spartanburg, SC...Godspell...10th grade.  My Dad drove me to EVERY rehearsal and my mother came to EVERY performance. Without words, they both telegraphed the significance of expression through the arts.  Performing is in my DNA and was validated at a very young age by my parents and those in my community.  I have worked for over 20 years as a board certified speech-language pathologist, helping children and adults maximize their communication skills.  I have also been thrilled and blessed to express my artistic voice through performance in a variety of mediums.


As member of the Brave New World Repertory I appeared as Anna Maurant in Scene Street which was a selection on L Magazine’s 2013 best play list.  I have also appeared in the web series, Blacker which was nominated for “Best Webisode” in the Bronzelens Film Festival, and won “Best Web Series” in the Philadelphia Independent film festival and the National Black Film Festival.  In addition, I have been fortunate to appear in a number of stage productions and commercials.

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